DC Oakes began as a dream between friends, sketched out on beer stained coasters, between kids’ soccer games, front porches, and backyard BBQs. But mostly on beer stained coasters. We built DC Oakes as a place for our friends and family to come together and share good company, good vibes, and to celebrate local love through hand-crafted beer, classic cocktails, and the outstanding food we serve. We share our passion with you by showcasing local craftsmen, creating an authentic dining experience, and by giving back to the community we call home. To meet our dream team, click here. 


Our namesake, Daniel Chessman Oakes, or DC Oakes as he was known— was one of Colorado’s earliest settlers, opening the State’s first sawmill and lumber yard and serving as one of the first members of the Denver City Council. Known for his impressive beard and adventurous nature, we’ve aimed to emulate his tireless work ethic, as well as his ability to habitually succeed. 

Much like Colorado itself, beer making is deeply rooted in a history of inventors, adventurers, and risk takers. All of these people share a love for Colorado, and we want to celebrate that with you.  

With over six decades of professional experience in the restaurant and brewing industries, the DC Oakes team welcomes you to share a seat at the table with us.